What Is Third Party Insurance?

Third party insurance is required by the Road Traffic Act. It comprises insurance cover for bodily injury or death caused to a third party while you are driving your car. If you do not have this insurance cover, the RTA can imprison you.

Who is a “third party”?

A person is other than the insured or the spouse of the insured.

What Third Party Insurance does not cover?

This insurance does not cover damage to your own vehicle or damage to, or loss of, personal belongings.

Who is required to have Third Party Insurance?

All vehicle owners, including those with a Professional or Company Vehicle or an Inspection Department Approval certificate (Ikkens), and any temporary license holders who use the vehicle for any purposes.

Do I have any other option apart from purchasing third-party insurance?

Yes, there are two options available:

(a) Have your car insured as a “Garage Kept Motor Vehicle”

(b) Have your car fitted with an approved security device such as “Datatag”.

Do I need third-party insurance for my car?

Your car needs it at all times, even if you are the only person who uses it or it is garaged at your home most of the time. You can obtain this cover with any insurer, but you must ensure that you obtain a copy of your policy from the company you have contracted with. The “Insurance Certificate” or “Carnet”.

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What does third-party insurance cover?

This insurance covers any bodily injury or death to a third party caused by you while driving your car. It also covers damage to the property of others, i.e., your car causing damage to another person’s property provided that this does not exceed B200,000.00 in respect of each accident.

Do I need to pay for this insurance every year?

No, you only pay once at the time of purchase of your car or when you get your car insured for the first time. It is important that you obtain your policy from the company you have contracted with. Make sure that you keep a copy of the “Insurance Certificate” or “Carnet” in your car at all times. You do not need to pay any additional cost for this cover unless you go beyond the B200,000.00 limit for damage to property in one accident.